Some Notes on the Leipzig–Jakarta List of the Chulym Language

  08 Ноябрь 2015

Innokentiy Novgorodov, Valeriya Lemskaya, Albina Gainutdinova, Linara Ishkildina

We sincerely thank the Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation for the grant “The most resistant words of the Turkic
languages”; this publication was prepared
within the framework of the research project supported by the Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation № 14-04-00346.


Based on the analysis of the most resistant words (Leipzig–Jakarta list) of Chulym Turkic in comparison with those of the Oghuz and Kipchak languages, authors come to a conclusion that Chulym Turkic is more similar to the Kipchak Turkic languages than the Ohguz ones.

The Chulym Turkic material for the analysis is field dialectological data. The words of other languages under study were taken from dictionaries. The comparative method was used as the main research method. Previously, Chulym Turkic was considered as one of the Siberian Turkic languages also including Khakass, Shor and Saryg-Yughur, to which the authors disagree.

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